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Introducing an innovative Age Verification System and E-Signature which does NOT rely on Credit Cards!

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BirthDate Verifier™

Protect Free Sites and Free Tours from Children
Confirm the Age of Paid Members
Keep Minors Away from Adult Materials

Article About BirthDate Verifier™:

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ASACP holds Industry Forum on Age Verification
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Extreme Associates Implements the Verifier
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Keeping Children Away from Adult Material; Time for an Innovative Solution
"From a legal standpoint, this procedure is superior compared to simply clicking "I'm over 18" which has become something of a national joke in the courts, and will likely not provide an effective argument that the site has made a good faith effort to exclude minors from the free areas. Requiring the user to age verify his or her birth date does a couple of things: Initially, in the event a minor submits a false birth date to gain access to the site, that will constitute an act of perjury, under federal law. "

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